A Sort of Shadow

Uma Espécie de Sombra

Booklet by James Newitt

Artist’s Edition

Graphic design by James Newitt


26 pp.,

15.00 x 21.00 cm

pub. date: 2013

“The camera occupies the space of the character’s body and the sound of the character exhaling and inhaling the thick, damp, sweet air is intensified dramatically. The sweat on the character’s brow causes the camera to lose focus, producing a disorientation effect, which is only alleviated when the camera folds back around on the character to once again establish its fixed focus in relation to their ongoing struggle.

The character’s exhaustion and bodily fatigue comes in waves, this appears by subtle and not so subtle details such as: the left hand dropping from the left side of the face; the occasional sound of deep guttural grunting or a sort of nasal snorting, seemingly unconsciously interrupting their emphatic but controlled breathing; a general fatigue of rhythm and movement where limbs slow, extension is reduced, fists loose tension; repetitive blinking from sweat stinging the eyes; etc, etc,

As the fatigue comes in waves so do surges of intensity which are highlighted physically by things like: heavy bursts of breath which are almost spat out in sharp succession; the widening of the eyes and tightening of the jaw; exertion of sweat; and the protrusion of a vein, either crawling across the top, left side of the forehead or bulging from both sides of the neck. There are two rhythms to this performance, the rhythm of the character’s movements and the rhythm of fatigue and intensity within which the movements are performed.”

A Sort of Shadow

Set in Alta de Lisboa

To accompany the exhibition of the same title at Lumiar Cité, produced by Maumaus, 14 November - 22 December, 2013

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