Past exhibition at Lumiar Cité:

Fredrik Værslev
-Hey, Aunt Maggie! I wanna become a painter!
- Well, you can start with painting our fence!
23.01 - 02.03.2014

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Fredrik Værslevʼs exhibition consists of the first presentation of painting at Lumiar Cité, a space that, at first sight, seems not compatible with the idea of a conventional painting exhibition. Its specificity, with rough brick walls and the absence of typical walls of a white cube, turns any painting exhibition into a particular challenge.
As a painter, Fredrik Værslev works in an idiosyncratic way regarding the choice of the 'motifs', the support and the actual presentation of the works. His concept of painting includes not only the use of traditional canvas, but also painted wooden structures, which, being part of the painting, result in an unusual three-dimensionality.
In Lisbon, Fredrik Værslev appropriates, in a multiple way, the logo of Lumiar Cité gallery, which emerges as a central symbol in each of the eight large-format canvases. This series of paintings is installed in an unexpected way, emphasizing the objectness of the support of the paintings in dialogue with another series of works: the wooden fence pieces constructed and painted by the artist installed at a distance on the flat sides of the galleryʼs columns.
A set of associations, articulated by the artist and derived from his autobiographical references – which are not revealed to the public – unfold by creating a mental space between painting understood as a medium whose projected aura suggests independence and freedom in their multiple interpretations and the eternal search by the public for the utility of art. Ironically, this search does not come out defrauded: the ʻfencesʼ are transformed into ʻcoat racksʼ for hanging shirts designed by the tailor Per Christian Brath, who used a fabric that is normally used by art shippers to wrap up paintings.

Fredrik Værslev (Moss, Norway, 1979) lives and works in Drøbak and Vestfossen (Norway). He completed his studies at Malmö Art Academy and Städelschule, Frankfurt. Notable among his solo and collective exhibitions are: Andrew Kreps Gallery (New York), STANDARD (Oslo), Le Consortium (Dijon), Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, Lunds Konsthall, Moderna Museet (Malmö) and Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris). He is a founding member and Director of the independent exhibition space Landings in Vestfossen. His works can be found in various public and private art collections, including: Astrup Fearnley Museet (Oslo), Konstmuseum Malmö, Moderna Museet (Stockholm) and the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris).


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Alan Read
The Dark Theatre:
Conditions of the Irreparable
11.-13.03.2020, 11 am, 2 pm

Auditorium Goethe-Institut, Lisbon

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Call 2022
Until 20.09.2021

Sjoerd van Tuinen

The Politics of Resentment

23, 25, 26.03.2021
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The seminar will take place online only.

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From One Institution to Another: Presenting Situated Aesthetics



Fogo Island Dialogues
Atlantic Codes
November 8–9, 2019

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Lumiar Cité

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Ao descer a escada
Há um degrau p’ra me sentar.
Não há outro degrau
Onde descansar.
Não estou lá em baixo
Nem lá em cima estou.
Estou é na escada
Onde sempre estou.

Ao subir a escada
Não estou em cima, nem em baixo.
Não estou na creche,
Nem mesmo no sopé, acho.
Ideias estranhas começam a girar
Na minha cabeça
Fora do lugar!

Tonio Kröner
09.11.2019 - 02.02.2020

26.06 | 18h00 Online conversation with Sabeth Buchmann

Thompson, Jürgen Bock

26.06 | 18h00 Online conversation with Sabeth Buchmann

Judith Barry
All the light that's ours to see

Extended until 6 December 2020

In line with revised recommendations from the authorities, we are postponing the exhibition, which was scheduled to open on 28 March. A new date will be communicated in due course.

Loretta Fahrenholz
Circle Navel Nil
24.04. – 27.06.2021

24.06 | 18h00 Online conversation with Sabeth

Buchmann, Loretta Fahrenholz and Jürgen Bock

Waldemar d’Orey
Something is missing
21.07. – 10.10.2021

Curator: Manuel Costa Cabral

11.09 | 17h Catalogue launch

Lumiar Cité is closed for the summer break between 16 and 31 August.

In cooperation with Lumiar Cité:

Tiffany Chung
Thu Thiêm: an archaeological
project for future remembrance
08.06. - 08.09.2019

Johann Jacobs Museum

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